A List Of 23 Good Essay Topics For Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers should be subjected to essays that are in their class. The topics should be on issues that form a part of their daily life and are of interest to them. They will be more enthusiastic when writing and will eventually produce the best quality papers. Some of the best topics presented here by UsEssayWriters include:

  • Why schools should be coed.
  • Are uniforms important when attending school?
  • Should fast food joints be allowed to open outlets in schools?
  • Which is the best punishment for bullies?
  • Is adult supervision necessary in shopping malls for teens and preteens?
  • How much homework should be given on a normal day?
  • When is one old enough to be left alone at home?
  • Is summer school beneficial to students?
  • Which foods would you remove or add to your school’s lunch menu to make the meal interesting?
  • Should all middle schools have a mandatory game?
  • Is it fair to have bedtime for middle schoolers?
  • How far should television restrictions go for kids?
  • Should parent set specific chores for children?
  • Is it necessary to wear a seat belt in the school bus?
  • Should gym classes be made mandatory for students participating in sports?
  • Should children be more conscious of their diet to prevent future health complications?
  • Should the number of breaks in a year be increased and school scheduled to run all through the year in order to improve on performance?
  • Are television shows and video games responsible increased violence among teenagers?
  • Is it important to have a school newspaper?
  • Should students have the liberty of choosing the kind of punishment given?
  • Which is the right age to own a business?
  • Who should you discuss your class performance with?
  • Should homework be issued over the weekend?

The right essay topic for middle school should be simple and on an idea that these students can understand. Avoid complex topics because they will confuse the schoolers and affect their ability to express their views. Complex topics will not reveal the potential of such pupils.

Where possible, provide the pupils with a prompt that captures a common scenario in their daily life. For instance, in a paper on bullying, you may introduce the need for compensation yet such a teen has not income. This will push the pupil into finding alternative ways of solving the problem of bullying.

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