How To Write A Synthesis Essay

Writing such kinds of essays is an uphill task for many students. To synthesize a text means to come up with a fresh perspective on the topic by putting together information scrapped from different sources.

What is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay is a paper where the writer puts together two or more sources of information to create a better and complete opinion about what gets discussed. From the definition of the text, the roots of data can be video, radio pieces, advertisements, or even speeches.

How to write a synthesis essay

The format of a synthesis essay

There are numerous ways to jot this kind of essay. The choice of the arrangement to be used in a synthesis essay depends on the requirements of your institution. Most educators do not tell their students which formats of writing they should use. If you get caught up in such a fix, best stick to the general format used in your school, which can either be APA, MLA, or any other popular one.

MEAL approach

A synthesis essay is in all aspects contrasting from other texts. The MEAL approach is one of the features used in the body of this type of essay, which includes the following:

The main idea

You get to put forward the point that coincides with your opinion based on the subject of your choice. You are free to apply any form of expression, but be sure to show your opinion.


You have to give captivating evidence to support the idea you present in the text. In such an essay, the evidence is usually a quote that should be backed up by a hefty reference.


In the MEAL approach, you need to analyze the evidence you have put forward and given a statement of how it fits the position.

Link back

When writing, remember to tie the focus on the main argument you provided. State the main idea one more time in the link-back paragraph and state why you think you have it right.

Argumentative synthesis essay

When you have a task to write this kind of essay, you will have a list of sources to use at your disposal. Your main job now is to find the correct argumentative topic, spre4ad out the main ideas, and compiling the paper in writing.

Outline of a synthesis essay

If you have never come across this type of script before, you may also have difficulties in understanding its structure. It is not much hustle as you will be required to follow the essay steps, which include:

  • Introduction
  • 3-4 body paragraphs
  • Conclusion


It may be a page long and is very important to the text. The best way to catch a reader’s attention in the intro is to apply the use of a hook, which can be a quote or a statistic. Afterward, provide the background for your readers and then have a thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

Us the MEAL approach in writing the blocks, but you can also apply the use of Ethos, Logos, DIDLS, or Pathos and SOAPS.


The key to writing an ending of a synthesis essay is not to provide any crisp info but focus on restating your main points in the body. Include the thesis statement and make a summary of the evidence. Encourage you, readers, to do additional research too.

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