A Guide to Starting an Essay

The initial brainstorming process starts from the blank paper and further literature review. The most popular rule on how to start an essay is to use a famous quote. The importance of a creative and catching opening paragraph must never be undervalued.

An essay has the beginning, a middle, and an end. If a task is to write a five-paragraph essay, the first paragraph is called the introduction. The following 3 paragraphs consist of the body of the writing paper. The fifth and concluding paragraph is the conclusion.

The introduction of an essay

The introduction consists of an introductory opening, a hook or a transitional sentence. The hook consists of several sentences that develop a more detailed story. The thesis statement is 1 or 2 sentences that state the idea of the essay. Try to introduce a thesis statement. In the body paragraphs, write the topic sentence and use details and examples. In the conclusion, sum all previously elaborated statements with a final clincher.

A thesis statement should clearly express what the essay is about, provide a discussion, and indicate the structure of the essay.

The body of an essay

The body of an essay is composed of the topic sentence, detail sentence, and a concluding or transitional sentence.

Thus, of great help is if the writer has a target audience so to be able to write most understandably. The writer’s ability to evaluate the topic properly and to adapt it, in the same way, is of paramount importance.

There are several types of essays. The most common are narrative – describes an event or series of events. The expository essay explains, clarifies and illustrates the desired plots. Response to literature clarifies your understanding of a literary piece such as a poem, a book or a story. The information report provides extensive research on the given thesis such as the ones written in magazines or online journals.

In the beginning, introduce the main idea for the corresponding essay in a concise manner. The importance to be focused on the paper and present a thesis is of vital importance.

The aim is to choose a topic that will be captivating and grab more focus on the essay itself. Brainstorm on an idea that will be presented first. Avoid the frequently used quotations and clichés because the audience may be bored with them. Explain thoroughly quotes if presented.

Afterwards, focus on body paragraphs. The concluding paragraph typically has 2 parts: the summary statement is one or two sentences that freshly restate the thesis to reinforce the main plot. The clincher is a final thought which should create a lasting impression on the reader.

The clincher

The clincher or the closer is the last step to make connections with the audience. It may be in a form of an anecdote, a final rhetorical question, a novel quotation, or a predictive statement.

Prior to any submitting, make sure you have revised the essay properly in a way to fix grammar errors, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

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