How to write an Essay Topic sentence

The most common questions that students ask on essays are:

  • How do I get a good topic sentence?
  • What is the importance of a topic sentence?
  • How can I improve the structure of my essay?
  • What purpose does the topic sentence serve?

You will learn how to write a topic sentence and will also get an explanation of how it fits into the structure of an essay in this article.

How to write a topic sentence

It is always a struggle for students not to know where they go wrong when producing solid arguments. Most think it is the content they need to change while it is the structure. It is because most students do not understand the importance of a structure, how it produces crystal theses, and shapes an essay. A clear topic sentence helps a great deal here.

A topic sentence is a statement that priory gives the overview idea that will get talked about in a paragraph. It informs a reader of what you’ll be discussing. They must be clear and direct and must have a direct connection to the beginning of the essay. The topic sentences introduce you to the paragraph.

Signposting, topic sentences, and sustained arguments

The knowledge of having topic sentences and making a connection with your thesis leads to a great structure.


It is where you project clear signals to readers of your work about what you are discussing and how you will discuss it.

Topic sentences create links between the thematic framework and thesis statement to the body of your work. Your essay lacks a structure and logic when you omit topic sentences.

Step by step guide on writing topic sentences

  1. Understanding the topic sentence

They remind you of your specific argument. It helps you remain focused on an idea and hence create a robust justification.

  1. Revisiting our argument

To flashback and have a recap, the argument was that;

  • Macbeth connects to morality;
  • Macbeth faces guilt; and,
  • His madness connects with his fear of revenge, which is the play’s genre convention.
  1. Revisiting the thesis

Looking back to the previous post, the thesis statement was:

“The Tragedy of Macbeth’s (1606) resolution is revenge-driven. Nonetheless, it is the interrogation of Shakespeare on Macbeth’s morality actions and his dive into the madness that is the center of the text.”

  1. Revisiting Thematic framework

The framework gave an introduction to these thematic points:

  • “The madness of Macbeth is responsive to the awareness of his morality, which is driven by fear of what he feels he should get; revenge.
  • The actions of Macbeth are gross. Murdering a king is regicide, and the slaying of his friends adds to his madness.

A good topic statement combines the thesis statement with the main idea from the framework.

  1. The topic sentences

Now that we possess a thesis, framework, and great structure, we can dive into writing the topic sentences. First of all, check for vital ideas then put together the proposals with the statements and framework.

Once you have come up with the foundations of your desired essay, you will jump on to the next step, which is to bolster up your arguments with clear evidence. You will do this by grouping your work in paragraphs.

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